Why Strong Passwords Matter

Whether you’re a network user or administrator, strong passwords matter. This video introduces why…  View now.

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In summary, enforcing strong passwords means incorporating best practices, such as these recommended by OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project):

  • Implement strong yet usable and practical password complexity requirements.
  • Ensure that all passwords have fixed but reasonable expiration dates.
  • Always notify users of password changes via email or SMS, but never send the actual passwords.
  • Always ask for the previous password when setting a new password.
  • Expire all current sessions after changing passwords (session management).
  • Do not automatically assign temporary passwords.
  • Provide two-factor authentication features for sensitive applications. (Hardware devices, software tokens, or SMS one-time-passwords greatly enhance account security.)

In closing, if you find information security an especially exciting topic, you may enjoy  learning more by exploring career options in this field.  I recommend (ISC)2  as a great place to start!